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Fraud risk and its cases often share the path. Therefore, the knowledge of potential fraud risks might prevent your business from getting involved with fraudulent units. Of course, one may say that this is a mere speculation. However, many examples have shown that a closer inspection of the networks of companies or their managers may shed a new light on the businesses.

To avoid unpleasant surprises verify your networks and new customers with kantwert application. And since fraud risks do not come out of nowhere - be prepared to recognise the plausible risks or problematic enterprises.

Risk & Fraud - we can achieve this for you:

Reduce potential risks

Avoid reputational risks

Reduce potential fraud risks


Action: With new data into the new year!

Test the power of BusinessGraph

Data has become a crucial element in the decision-making process. For instance, misleading data will certainly result in incorrect decisions as errors such as duplicates are not only annoying, but also perlious. On the contrary, accurate data is a prerequisite for the validity of significant documents: contracts, invoices, collection letters.

With our official, daily updated commercial register information, we offer you the perfect database solution to be implemented in your systems. Test our BusinessGraph to see its full potential.


Video: Webinar on business partner verification in industry is now online

At the invitation of Thomson Reuters, our Senior Sales Manager Diane Siegloch recently held an interesting webinar, which was subsequently published on YouTube. The focus was on the question of which information and process optimisations can be used in business partner audits, especially by industrial companies. New legal requirements have to be met here.

Using numerous examples and insights into our web application, Diane Siegloch demonstrated the contribution of the kantwert solutions for risk & fraud prevention. Therefore, the webinar is also a good introduction and an overview for all those who are interested in the kantwert services in the risk area.

Easy access at your fingertips: from the web application to the in-house solution

Our flexible and modern IT infrastructure offers multiple options for leveraging and analysing our relationship information. You don't need to start any projects - you can do research in our feature-rich web application just log in - and off you go.

Or you can simply integrate our solutions into your systems. This is especially a perfect solutions for our technology-related partners: kantwert is a silver SAP partner and it is also associated with many other providers. We meet the highest security requirements with our on-premises solution.

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Use Case Insurance: How to reduce costs of insurance loss and fraud cases with kantwert application

Insurance fraud is a crime. According to estimations of the Association of German Insurers (Gesamtverband der deutschen Versicherer), the annual loss amounts to 4 billion euros. For corporate customers, the losses are often particularly high. The use of kantwertBusinessGraph offers insurers innovative possibilities to quickly and consistently track down frauds and increased risks operations as well as companies.

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