With kantwert you have a new perspective

Do you know with which companies and decision makers your business partner is connected? Maybe your customer knows the decision makers of a company that you would like to acquire? Or your contact maintains business relationships with questionable people and companies? With the BusinessGraph solutions from kantwert, you can now find out more about the business relationships of your contacts.

Marketing & Sales Compliance Risk & Fraud Research


Discover new leads and contact ways

The Sales & Marketing Suite is the solution to reach demanding sales goals. Thanks to the integrated BusinessGraph, you can see at a glance which companies and decision makers your target customer is connected to. You define your goals in just a few clicks, discover promising leads in the network of your existing customers and are automatically notified when new opportunities arise.

<p>Marketing & Sales</p>

See more than the obvious

All important information about your business partners at a glance

The kantwert Compliance Suite helps you to identify business partners and beneficial owners and to report AnaCredit data – all in just a few clicks. With the compliance suite you fulfill your obligations much more efficiently.



See through structures and discover connections

With the Risk & Fraud Suite, you can quickly identify critical nodes and take appropriate action. Estimate your customer’s distance to possible “trouble spots” at a glance. The visualization of the network allows you a quick and easy search.

<p>Risk & Fraud</p>

Open up a new dimension

Unique search options for numerous applications

Do not just research individual objects in detail, but also understand the connections. With the research suite you  open up intuitively and quickly the entire business universe. Produce complex networks or clear reports in just a few clicks.


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You can see, with which Probability who knows whom and so on

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However, the full power of the BusinessGraph only develops in combination with your own data. If necessary, we can help you optimally prepare your data and integrate it into the BusinessGraph. Of course, you are the only one to have access to your data!

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