Data is our world.
Your network is our mission.

Where we come from – and where we want to go

Kantwert is an independent start-up of leading heads of German credit bureaus.

We connect businesses.

Our vision is a global network which establishes connections between companies, institutions and decision-makers and makes them transparent. This enables our customers to leverage their treasure of data in their own businesses and gain unique, profitable insights. The knowledge of the connections and interdependencies of business partners is of incredible value for many areas.

We have been pursuing our goals since 2014 with modern technologies, powerful structures, and highly motivated people. Personal connections have also contributed to this: great colleagues, great customers as well as partners.

Three questions to Tilo Walter, CEO and founder of kantwert

Tilo, what do you get up for in the morning?

Tilo, wofür stehst Du morgens auf?

What special has done kantwert for customers?

Why would someone want to work for kantwert?


University Graduates
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Our customers: Who we work for

Kantwert customers come from many industries. One focus is on banking and insurance, but large and small companies also benefit from our unique solutions in such areas as industry, technology, and publishing. The spectrum ranges from major banks to active medium sized companies and television broadcasters.

We have noticed a shift in our solutions: while most customers were initially interested in functionalities in the area of sales & marketing – now more and more emphasis was put on compliance and risk & fraud areas. We are happy to name references and contact persons in a private conversation.



Information technology




Our history: How it all began

The four founders of kantwert worked for a long time in management positions at credit bureaus or other companies dealing with data. In projects with customers and partners, they repeatedly came up against the limits of object-related data storage.

Many questions led to the first idea

Why doesn’t a company know that a target customer has connections to an existing customer? Why doesn’t it automatically see that a new customer is involved in a company that has already attracted attention through fraud? There are so many good reasons to know business relationships and to integrate this knowledge into processes in a standardized way. Especially since countless pieces of information are publicly available – but not intelligently linked and easily retrievable.

Modern technologies turned the idea into reality

Through the involvement of further experts and the intensive examination of the technical feasibility, the networking of economic data finally developed from an initial idea to a great vision to the real foundation stone for a completely new company.

Because great ideas need a real beginning.

The management of kantwert

Tilo Walter, CEO

Petra Kaul, COO

Dr. Konstantin Maschke, CDO

Hans-Dieter Greb, CTO


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