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With us you get to know your partners in a new way

How do you fully know someone without knowing their environment? Kantwert has fully rethought know-your-customer for you. With a click of a mouse, you can view your business partners from different angles – and, more importantly, always in the context of their connections. Which companies belong together and why? Which companies have a second level relation? Which decision-makers are involved? Are there any indications of pre-defined exclusion criteria?

Support your compliance team with deep insights into complex interrelations which are made fully transparent with the click of a mouse.

Compliance – this is what you can achieve with us:

Verify business partners
with a 360-degree check

Determine economic authorizations

Convenient, automated processes

Bequeme, automatisierte Prozesse

One in five companies has been involved in compliance violations over the past two years – more than half of the companies have suffered losses of 50,000 euros or more.

Ebner Stolz / F.A.Z.-Institute, 2018


Action: Spring cleaning for your data!

Test the power of BusinessGraph

Data has become a crucial element in the decision-making process. Misleading data will certainly result in incorrect decisions. Duplicates and other errors are not only annoying, but also perilous. Accurate data is a prerequisite for the validity of significant documents: contracts, invoices, collection letters.

With our official, daily updated commercial register information, we offer you the perfect database solution to be implemented in your systems. As a basis project for the further use of the BusinessGraph – and with pleasure also as a test to see our full efficiency.


“We use kantwert to comprehend complex shareholding structures.
The creation of dynamic diagrams with the click of a mouse allows us to save a lot of time and facilitates understanding immensely.
I am grateful to be able to use kantwert’s solutions every day.”

Compliance Officer of a major bank

Use Case: Know your customer

“I’m grateful every day to be able to work with kantwert.” What sounds like exaggerated praise from the pen of a PR department is indeed a real customer voice that reached us from a compliance officer in a major bank. The quote becomes immediately credible, once we compare the daily work of the employee before and after the introduction of the kantwert solutions.

A year ago, for example, investments were laboriously researched by hand and painstakingly drawn as a detailed structure chart in PowerPoint. A whole working week sometimes had to be spent on structuring and working on a single chart about one company. Today, the overview is automatically created within seconds and can be individually adapted in just a few steps.


Easy access at your choice: From the web application to the in-house solution

Our flexible and modern IT infrastructure offers several options for managing your relation information. Without any IT-project, you can research our feature-rich web application: Log in – and off you go.

Or you can simply integrate our solutions into the systems you are currently using. This is particularly easy with our technology partners: kantwert is a SAP silver partner and associated with many other providers. We meet the highest security requirements with our on-premise solution.

Web application working as
software-as-a service
Icon-Schnittschtelle Integration
Seamless-integration into
your familiar systems
In-house Hosting:
On-premise service

Cooperation with Targens: Fully automated process for all compliance tasks

Aiming for full automation of customer processes has become a common goal for us and our partner, targens, a leading provider of compliance solutions. For example, you want to verify a new business partner? Just select a particular partner in kantwert application and transfer the data to the targens-app aces360 with the click of a mouse.

Once it is done, you are provided with numerous functionalities for specific uses. For instance, you may improve the quality of relations information with the kantwert BusinessGraph for a complete 360-degree picture. All of this comes from a single source – for your comfort and your time savings.

David Laryea

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“Kantwert ensures more efficiency in your compliance area. So that you can focus on your rapidly growing new challenges. Use the kantwert BusinessGraph in combination with your own data for a unique, profitable symbiosis.”

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The kantwert BusinessGraph is a powerful data relation platform for all business units.